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Spirit of Establishment

University Vision

KOJE Univ. VISION 2024

Geoje, the center of shipbuilding industry!!

Koje University, the center of practical education!!

Development Objectives
Achieved 1st place in employment rate among universities nationwide! Mecca of internationally competitive technical education!
Strategic Objectives
Consumer-oriented education! Global Technology Education!

Strategic tasks

Industrial technology accompanying teaching activities

  1. Development of practical curriculum
  2. Establishment and operation of teaching and learning support system
  3. Improvement of educational conditions and environment
  4. Improvement of academic system
  5. Realization of lifelong education

Convergence-type Practical Talent Training

  1. Attraction of outstanding students and diversification of student support system
    • Development of admission strategy
    • Operation of future-oriented student support system

Internationalization and Informatization of University

  1. Internationalization of University
    • Operation of international student curriculum for employment contract type
    • Operation of 6 · 25 participating country scholarship student program
    • Operation of DSME Overseas branch linked education program
  2. Informatization of University
    • Building Smart Mobile Campus
    • Development of academic comprehensive information system

Customer Satisfaction Management and Advanced Infrastructure

  1. Strengthening employee capacity
  2. Establishing financial independence base
  3. Expansion of profitable business
  4. Modernization of educational facilities

Establishment of Evaluation and Feedback System

  1. Establishment of academic evaluation system
  2. Establishment of administrative work evaluation system
  3. Systematization of evaluation result feedback
  4. Securement of effectiveness and equity of evaluation index
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