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Spirit of Establishment

Educational Ideology

Positivistic Attitude

Attitude that studies the truths based on reality

So to speak, positivistic attitude is to get precise judgment and solution based on undeniable objective facts after conducting experiment and research like seeing through eyes, listening throung ears and touching with hands.

Global Administration

Wide world. There’re lots of things to do.

Global administration is management strategies of a new dimension to actively cope with changes of global economic development through globalization of administration strategies and localization of administration activities.

Ceaseless Endeavors

Attitude that one develops oneself to accomplish sound body and mind without putting off one’s responsibility

It is perfactly normal of changes of Mother Nature and it never fail to come up to the expectations. It means that one who has profound knowledge and lofty character or a virtuous man who holds highly proved government position must drill its body and mind to put the utmost efforts on pursuing intelligence, character and morality following example of Ceaseless Endeavors.

Establishment of a special university is inevitable as a device to solve various educational problems including the overheated competition of a university entrance examination followed by examinees and accommodating dropouts that is originated from rapid economic growth along with expansive demands of experts in this current industrialized society and excessive education fever.

Special universities set fundamental aim of cultivating specialists who can confidently deal with creative activities and role for making decision having intellectual creative and practical powers at the same time in this specialized society where it is developing each passing day based on education for the whole men. Specialists are equally responsible for acting a part of realizing development together with the society and activating the regional cultures, not isolated or independent from the society.

  • Last edited 2021.12.01