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Spirit of Establishment

Ideology of Educational Foundation

Sprit of EstablishmentIdeology ofEducational Foundation

  • Sprit of Initiative - Accomplish imagination
  • Passion - Affection towards instructions
  • Sense of Responsibility / Teamwork - Representative of Globalized Era
  • Spirit of Proprietor - Enjoy Scholatics Achievement and Life
  • Spirit of Challenge - Be powerful and get ahead in the world

Koje University cultivates highly qualified talent of international standard combining intelligence and moral character that satisfies the needs of the times and restores the outcome of enterprise activities as social development through university training. Koje University not only contributes to march into an advanced nation through actualization of academic-industrial cooperation and is also established with targets to serve interchange of globalized scholarship, culture and technology.

To uphold those goals, Koje University trains righteous professionals who can sensibly deal with the future industrial society based on determining conviction towards the dignity of men and distinguished adaptability.

Moreover, having capability to actively participate in the globalized world as the leading role gives an opportunity to contribute in promotion of new strength for the national development and enhancing the national prestige.

  • Last edited 2021.11.30